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Autism Care Partners, a leading Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provider, unifies like-minded professionals to innovate and improve the care available to our clients. We operate across the Northeast, offering interdisciplinary ABA and Early Intervention (EI) programs to children and families living with autism and other developmental disabilities.
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Life Changing
Our Mission is to empower families to reach their potential through early diagnosis and exceptional, innovative interdisciplinary care. We not only provide high quality therapy services, but also serve a key role in coordinating care for clients and families.
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Our staff and clinicians are some of the best! A collaborative, friendly, and team-oriented culture is everything at ACP, and we pride ourselves on adding identifying staff that only enhance that experience for families.
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Why Choose ACP?

Our "No Wrong Door" Philosophy

ACP will meet your family at any stage of your treatment journey, integrating diagnostic and interdisciplinary therapy services to provide comprehensive care and supports

Leading Edge Clinical Delivery

ACP is the only provider in the country able to offer the Visual Immersion SystemTM (VISTM). The VISTM, developed at Boston Children’s Hospital, differentially enhances communication and language skills through the immersive use of visual supports. Click here to learn more.

Our Employees

Our staff and clinicians are some of the best! They are compassionate, friendly, highly-skilled individuals working with clients, families, each other, and the wider community to provide comprehensive care and services. Join our team

Broad Insurance Participation

We gladly accept most major insurances for all services. We are in network for most major programs for individuals covered through commercial (private/employer-sponsored) plans and public plans (Medicaid and other state-funded programs).


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

The leading evidence-based behavioral intervention for children with autism, ABA improves communication, social, and emotional development.

Early Intervention

Early Intervention (EI)

As ACP-EI, we operate as a New York State EI provider. We offer home- and center-based services for children ages three and under.

Feeding Therapy

Feeding is a complex skill, and difficulties with feeding can be brought on due to psychological, physical, oral motor, and/or sensory needs that can significantly impact the quality of life of the client and their family.

Visual Immersion System

The Visual Immersion System™ (VIS™) is an evidence-based, technology-supported method developed to enhance communication and language skills for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities.

Social Work

Our team of clinical social workers provide counseling and psychotherapy to ensure your family’s emotional and psychological needs are met.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups provide children with an opportunity to interact and engage with their peers at the same, or similar, levels of development.
happy family sitting on therapy session by female counselor writing in clipboard in office

Parent and Sibling Training and Support

We provide support for your family as you navigate through a wide range of emotional and psychological challenges that may arise.
Close-up of a child with an autism spectrum disorder and the therapist by a table drawing with crayons during a sensory integration session.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Our licensed clinical psychologists provide comprehensive psychological evaluations to diagnose psychiatric disorders and help children access the right services and supports for them.

Girl of primary school age practices correct pronunciation with female speech therapist.

Speech Therapy

ACP’s speech therapists focus on language comprehension to help children with unique speech and voice delays.

Occupational Therapy

ACP’s occupational therapists help to improve your child’s fine and gross motor skills so they can feel more independent in their activities of daily living.

Our Locations

Our services and centers stretch across the Northeastern United States. Our local teams are members of the communities they serve—they understand local resources and work with clients and families to address individual goals and needs.

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We’re always looking for passionate individuals to join our team! Careers at ACP offer the opportunity to join a group of like-minded professionals dedicated to changing the lives of those we serve.

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